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steve. >>> japan's disaster could never happen here in the u.s. why america's top nuclear regulator will make that claim when he appears before congress this congress. >>> and gap wants to make a deal with you but the promotion ends today. go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> traffic is going to be affected by a crash on 24 at st. stevens. 4 is backed up all the way to walnut creek. we'll keep an eye on this update. another traffic update, minutes ahead. >>> 7:15. all this morning and you know, we're focusing on the dangers and big questions around nuclear safety and what's happening with nuclear reactors and what could happen in this country. that's what congress will be talking about. alison burns has more. >> reporter: energy secretary, steve be chu, is testifying before a house commit -- steven championship, -- steven chu is testifying with and reiterated that u.s. nuclear plans are safe. b
, ground transportation would be difficult or impossible. now u.s. flights to japan have been canceled or some have been rerouted that left before the earthquake happened. they're being diverted either 164 miles away or owe sock ca, 340 miles away. one flight coming into japan from tokyo was diverted. but, again, ground transportation has to be very difficult. we're waiting for a very large delta jetliner to and but the situation is that if you're going to japan or no someone who is, those plans are likely canceled. at the least they will be delayed. reporting live from sfo. >> all right, tom. this is what it's like in japan after that devastating tsunami. just look at this. you can see no signs of any planes. the terminal flooded except for one run way. this airport is about 150 miles north of tokyo. tokyo's main international airport was briefly shut down. we're getting word operations are starting to resume there. an incredible update. >> the shots that we saw from kraig that he had streaming live from japanese tv cars on their side, buildings crumbled. waves of mud, really amazing.
nuclear plant and its implications for nuclear safety in the u.s. >>> and in japan, the officials there wall the situation very grave after confirming that highly toxic plutonium is seeking from the plant. plant operators say the amount of the pleau toneium is not a -- plutonium is not a risk to humans. but it's evidence that there is a leakage from the facility. >>> hitting a wall, what libyan rebels have been stopped. >>> a muslim civil rights hear something going on right now in washington, d.c. we'll find out about the testimony by a member of the san francisco-based group. >>> good morning. we'll have lows in the 40s and then more clouds in the morning and then fewer in the afternoon. tomorrow mid- to upper 70s are possible. >>> in libya today, government troops drove back an assault of rebel sources on moammar gadhafi's town. this comes after several easy days of opposition. they were outgunned by government troops at the entrance to search moammar gadhafi's home town. >>> moments ago, secretary of state, hillary clinton, speaking in london said military action in libya will
. since the beginning of this year, investors have put more than $24 billion in u.s. stock funds. >>> san francisco police everyone waking you this morning about a new scam, this one targets atms and these thieves use glue, not guns. jade hernandez is live in san francisco now to tell us what to look out for. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. i just checked in with the san francisco richmond police station that's just around the corner and found out one of these thefts happened last week during the day at a bank of america atm similar to this one. what the customer did, the customer put the card inside of the machine and then typed in the key code. once the key code came up, the customer realized that. enter button had been glued down. thieves are targeting atm users and the customers can't finish the process because the key gets stuck in the machine. the customer goes inside the bank and leaves the information or card back up on the screen. a local paper report says the police said since january there have been four of these type of thefts in the district. thieves are using
in to help private american citizens wishing to leave japan. >>> u.s. citizens are also being urged to defer all nonessential travel to any part of that country because unpredictable wind conditions could spread radioactive contamination. and the u.s. is still telling americans living -- living within 50 miles of the damaged plant to leave the area or at least remain indoors while the japanese government is limiting its warning to people living within 12 miles of the plant. and that's one example of what some in the obama administration believe is japan downplaying the risk. coming up at:15, we'll have a live report -- 7:15, we'll have a live report on this disaster. >>> scientists on the west coast are watching a radioactive plume movement. it's expected to hit the aleutian islands south of i -- that's south of alaska sometime today. health experts are saying radiation is plunging. the epa is installing more radiation detection mob teres here in -- monitors here in california just to keep track of the threat. jade hernandez is joining us live. she's at uc berkeley where they are installing
later -- 30 minutes later another quake hit north of sendai. no tsunami was issued for the u.s. japanese officials have not yet reported any tsunamis along the japanese coast. the operate of the power plants say workers have rerejected the power line -- reconnected the power lines. how far, they say more work needs to be done before the cooling systems can be pour powered -- can be powered up. >>> it is 7:03. just about 30 minutes ago, military families evacuated from japan arrived at travis air force base near fairfield. kraig debro is at the base talking with some of the problems. he will join us shortly with an update on what's happening there. >>> just 90 minutes from now, the opening statements will begin in the barry bonds perjury trial. now, the jury will not see one part of the proceedings that are kit cal. allie rasmus -- critical. allie rasmus has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dave. opening statements are set to get underway. they are expected to last a couple of hours. after the opening statements, then the first witnesses will be called. one of the witnesses
are on the ground in libya trying to figure out exactly who the u.s. is helping over there. alison? >> reporter: dave, let's get back to a live look at that house armed services committee hearing going -- committee going on right now. they are testifying about the u.s.-led operation in lib ba. in the last hour, the secretary gates acknowledged the u.s. knows very little about the rebels taking on the libya regime. >> there are multiple, multiple agendas, at this point we don't have a lot of visibility in those. >> reporter: cia operatives, now on the ground in libya, they've been reportedly working in labia for weeks trying to gain the strength of gadhafi 'forces -- gadhafi's forces and they are trying to find out if cade is there -- if al qaeda is there. back to you. >> okay. alison. thank you. >>> a really wild scene in syria. look at this. a speech by president of syria yesterday aingeed, rather than appeased those who -- angered rather than appeased those who wanted it. in his speech, the president blamed the anti-government protests on a foreign conspiracy. >>> ten u.s. sailors are recover
>>> also, new nuclear concerns in japan that there is a direct connection to the u.s. navy. >>> it's been an anxious morning for some b.a.r.t. comcommuters -- commuters. >>> right now, hundreds of bay area community college students and their supporters are heading north to the state's capitol. "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning to you. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, march 14th. >>> just hours ago, b.a.r.t. took -- took care of one problem. >> sal has more on the coverage. >> what happened? >> the system is running well. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, right now, there are delays of trains coming in san francisco. at the concord station. that brought the strain line and traffic to a complete standstill. news chopper 2 was overhead when it happened. b.a.r.t. officials still don't know why that derailment happened. crews worked overnight to remove the derailed tank -- train. at 4:00 a.m. this morning, the work was complete and selves was restored. back out here live, there were delays. when we talked to commuters this morning, they are re
of tapping into the u.s.'s strategic oil reserve. we'll explain in a minute. first, i want to show you what drivers are seeing as they pull up to the pump. you can see the cost of a gallon of regular gas is $3.93 a gal be. that's about -- gallon. that's about average according to aaaa. if you want plus or premium, you will pay well over $4 a gallon. nationwide the average cost of a gal -- gallon of gas is 3.51. that's cheaper than what we are paying here in california. but that price is 3 cents higher than the average two weeks ago. the spike is the second biggest increase in history. it's caught the attention of the white house. they are talking about tapping into the strategic reserve. >> the average american out there is feeling it. the president is very concerned. we're trying to look at all of the possible options going forward. >> reporter: now, if the president does decide to tap into the oil reserves, it would still take about two weeks for that gas to hit the u.s. market. still, some drivers we talked to said they like the idea. >> if we do need it, it's a good idea. >> reporter: g
. >> thank you, jade. >>> we're also monitoring a briefing happening right now in washington, d.c. now, u.s. nuclear experts are part of the briefing. we're gone bring you their analysis. there you see a live picture. we'll bring you their latest analysis coming up at 7:30. >>> 7:50. today, japan's prime minister in a national tv address called on the japanese people to reunite in rebuilding the country from scratch. also today, japan increased the alert of its nuclear crisis from level 4 to level 5 on a scale of 7. fire trucks sprayed water on overheated reactors at the nuclear plant again today, trying to prevent a meltdown and there's still -- they are still frantically trying to install a power line to the plant, hoping to get the cooling systems working again. it's now been exactly one week since the disastrous quake and tsunami rocked japan. several hours ago, survivors all across that country marked this tragedy with a moment of silence. >>> and the death toll from the japanese quake and tsunami disaster keeps climbing to staggering levels. the latest casualty numbers show 6500 are c
the democrats and republicans. >> reporter: so far the u.s. is taking the lead role on launching those attacks. this is video from moammar gadhafi's compound, from what appears to be crews missile strikes. top obama administration officials are going to great emphasis to -- great efforts to say the coalition is minimal. >> we'll have a minimal role. >> reporter: but some democrats and republicans are expressing concern that the mission in libya is not defined and there's no end plan. senator john kerry says the goal is not to remove moammar gadhafi from power. >> i would not call it going to war. this is a very limited operation that is geared to save lives. >> reporter: now, oakland congresswoman barbara lee joined a call with other liberal house democrats over the weekend, questioning the constitutionality of the operation. they say congress should have been involved. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alison. 7:17. president obama, meanwhile, continues his five-day tour of latin america with a stop in chile. the president is expected to ar
. >> we're told the u.s. is to fly in and put waterdrops down there. have you heard anything about that? >> reporter: we do know already that there were u.s. experts that were brought in, specifically those focused on dooling -- cooling reactors. we know they are using sea water. they using a system of fire hoses to actually put the water in. it might seem like a rudimentary, some say last- ditch effort. you are trying to get water in specific areas of the plant and you are trying to bring it in in a specific amount of volume. but you don't want to risk people while doing it. so those in the aircraft will be threatened in some way, shape or form. in fact, there is a no-fly zone threat in that area. even flights coming into japan are being reboughted to avoid that area. >> please stay safe. thank you. >>> the nuclear threat of the earthquake-damaged japanese nuclear plants is having an impact all over the world. you are looking at demonstrators in germany. they protested to the continued use of reactors there. the chancellor there, angela merkel, ordered them offline for three months, wh
shows one of the first tomahawk cruise missiled launched from a u.s. war ship yesterday. french fighter jets struck first. the u.s. military says more than 20 targets have been hit, clearing the way for air patrols to ground libya's air force. speaking from brazil yesterday, president obama said the operation is needed to help protect libyan civilians from supporters of the regime. >> i want the american people to know, the use of force is not our first choice, but we cannot stand idly by when a tyrant tells is his people there will be no mercy. >> in a statement this morning, mr. gadhafi said he is quote prepared to die for his people. >>> time now is 7:10. an unbelievable rescue as the death toll climbs, a hopeful design that survivers are still out there in japan. >>> an international superstar who once hoped to be haiti's next president is shot overnight. >>> let's take a look outside. the roads are still wet. it has been a busy night overnight, and we're going to talk live with the chp, next. >>> good morning to you, giving you a look at somersault this morning. southwesterlies 10
water is not an immediate health risk for the adults. and the u.s. just became the first agency to block food, the import of milk, vegetables and fruits, produced in that area near the power plant. japanese food, by the way, the imports make up less than 4% of all imports. >>> new sh morning, a shooting -- new this morning, a shooting investigation. a woman was shot last night around 10:30 on pine street. police say the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the neck but her injuries are not life- threatening. so far police are not saying anything about the suspects or a possible motive. >>> 7:06. in just 90 minutes from right now, testimony resumes in the barry bonds's perjury trial. the first witness, the key prosecutor will go back on the stand for cross-examination. tara moriarty is live in san francisco outside the courthouse right now. >> reporter: all he had to do was tell the truth but he couldn't do it. that statement made by barry bonds' pointman. nowitzki will continue testimony in about an hour and a half. the federal drug agent involved in the balco funds said bonds had immunity
it unsafe for u.s. citizens right now. officials said americans should not travel to the country, and for those already in yemen, they say it's time to get out. family members of embassy staff are also told to leave. >>> the anti-government fighters are armed with assault rifles and grenades. this is video from yesterday, and shows them moving toward tripoli. mr.gaddafi continues to control tripoli, but the rebel leaders have captured a key port city, and maybe closing in on his hometown. close to 200,000 people have left libya in the last few weeksness most of them crossing into tunisia, yesterday, the united states emergency coordinator, visited a refugee camp. >> i have to say in the situation that we're in now, it feels to me as if things are likely to get much worse before they get better. >> thousands more are expected to cross from libya to tunisia in the coming days. the united nations is also investigating reports that forces loyal to muammar gaddafi are preventing some refugees from leaving that country. ♪ [ music ] >>> good morning to you, the it is a soggy cart to t
will be in charge of enforcing the no-fly zone but details are being worked out. u.s. and coalition forces are continuing to pound libyan cities. the president said the plan will be worked out over the weekend. while critics are questioning the success of the operation, secretary of state hillary clinton says there has been significant progress. >> a massacre in benghazi was prevented. gadhafi's air defenses were rendered ineffective and the coalition is in control of the skies. >> reporter: after nato takes croalt u.s. is expected to have a prominent role providing aerial refueling tankers and surveillance planes. the obama administration is dispatching defense secretary robert gates and hillary clinton to capitol hill to brief members of congress. a lot of them have been expressing confusion and frustration with the entire operation. reporting live from washington, d.c. >> thank you. >>> libya's government invited for journalists, but the reporters say they couldn't find anyone at the funeral who knew any of the victims. the u.s. intelligence report indicates forces loyal to gadhafi simp
of detainees at guantanamo bay. the president had requested the transfer of prisoners to the u.s. for trials in civilian courts but congress backed -- blocked that. the president says he remains committed to shutting down the prison camp in cuba. 172 detainees remain at guantanamo bay. >>> a foreign -- a fallen solder from san jose is -- soldier from san jose is being remembered. mark c. wells was killed over the weekend in afghanistan after he stepped on a hidden bomb. he leaves behind a wife two months pregnant and their 2- year-old son. >> he sacrificed -- the sacrifice he and his family made is the ultimate price for freedom. >> a military funeral is planned for march 17th in arizona. >>> the suspect in the arizona shooting rampage may soon be moved out of a jail cell to a meant hospital. prosecutors want to commit jared loughner is a federal facility so he can be examined by a psychologist. they want to know if the 22- year-old suspect suffers from a serious mental defect. the coroner has released the autopsy reports on the six people killed in last january's shooting rampage. >> and th
will address the nation tonight and give us details about the u.s. military action in libya. ktvu's scott mcfarland live in our washington, d.c. newsroom. why the u.s. is involved at all, scott? >> reporter: first thing is first, details. president set to speak at 4:30:00 p.m. pacific time in washington, d.c. there are a lot of things for the president to address. in the past 24 hours, nato has formerly taken control of this military mission in libya. also reports that rebel forces have been good about making end roads against moammar qaddafi over the weekend, taking control among other things, key oil production areas. the president will have to answer his critics that the white house hasn't informed congress about the role. >> i think the bigger question is the cost, obviously, that's something of concern on everybody in capitol hill. how he gets around that is a larger question going forward. >> hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. >> exactly. >> reporter: so also ground forces the president will have to address tonight. the likelihood of american ground forces being used in t
since it would require the u.s. to attack libya and destroy its air defenses. >>> investigators say the suspect in the airport in germany has confessed to targeting the u.s. military and says he acted alone. ariduka from kosovo is accused of the shooting and killing two at the airport. his family says he worked at the airport -- at the airport is a devout muslim. the shooting is being investigated as a possible act of islam terrorism. >>> charges are being given to private first classman bradley manning, now included is aiding the enemy. that's a capital offense. prosecutors say they will not seek the death penalty. >>> today, mexican president, felipe calderon, will be at the white house to meet with president obama. now, this meeting comes at a pretty intense time with our countries. an immigration was killed recently, another wounded. the suspect, drug cartels. >>> well, today former house speaker, newt gingrich, is expected to talk about the possibility that he will run for president in 2012. a spokesperson says fin grip will not set up an exploratory -- gingrich will not set up
not travel within 50 miles of those power plants. >>> this morning the u.s. navy is rushing to help cool the japanese power plant still at risk of overheating. these are pictures from the navy and they show the barges loaded with freshwater, water, headed towards the fukashima dai-ichi complex it. will be poured on the reactors inside the complex to help cool them down. they were using seawater but now want freshwater. >>> also in japan a mass funeral service for 700 victims of the earthquake and tsunami. the social security took part in the town of japan's prefecture. the mass burial is highly unusual because custom normally calls for the dead to be cremated. however, cremation centers can't operate now because of oil and electricity shortages. the official death toll from the quake and tsunami now stands at over 10,000. >>> overnight, libyan rebels against leader moammar gaddafi announced they regained control of the eastern city. the victory exactly one week after u.s.-led forces started launching missile strikes inside the country. president obama in his weekly address to the nation
, president obama said the u.s. is committed to using military force against gaddafi to save the lives of the civilians in libya. >>> back here at home we want that talk about the crazy weather. this morning residents in santa rosa are cleaning up after winter storms brought a tornado to the area. ktvu's ali rasmus is live with a look at the damage left behind. good morning, ali. >> reporter: the damage was caused by an f-1 tornado. the national weather service says wind speeds were about a hundred miles an hour. it was strong enough to tear a metal roof off the shed. and this is what is left of that metal roof. you can see the owners have already started to do some of the clean-up. they've kind of corraled all the wooden shards, metal side into a giant pile here. right now it's not raining in santa rosa but this is the calm before the storm. the bay area is expected to get hit with another round of strong storms later tonight and into tomorrow morning, and this is after we had some severe weather already yesterday. thunderstorms, flashing the lightning, knocked out power to thousands
] >>> today, the u.s. has moved naval and air forces closer to libya and says all options are opening, including patrols of libya's airspace to prevent moammar gadhafi from firing on anti-government demonstrators. there are celebrations in a libyan city, the closest one to the capital. overnight, they tried for hours and could not take control of the city 30 miles west of tripoli. >>> singer nelly furtado will receive a big donation she received. she posted on twitter that in 2007 she received $1 million from the libyan leader -- leader for a 45-minute show for guests at a hotel in italy. furtado says that she now plans to donate the money to charity but did not specify which one. >>> and beyonce, mariah carey, usher and 50-cent are being urged to give back money they received in 2008. carey was reported paid $1 million to perform on saint bart's island on new year's eve. >>> a novato man expected to appear in the marin county courtroom today after being accused of importing drug- making chemicals from poland. authorities arrested richard paul bryant yesterday. he's accused of -- accu
pictures of the hearing that's going on. it's talking about safety hear in the u.s. in light of the impact of all of the natural disasters that happened in japan with their nuclear facility. >> that was the senator from tennessee there testifying. >>> losing ground in libya. which side retreated overnight? and the country is offering a new home to moammar gadhafi. >>> good morning. mostly sunny. we some higher clouds. some postal fog. but overall, it will be a nice day and warmer. 60s by the coast. inland, a few low 80s. >>> new this president, the president of uganda says libyan leader, moammar gadhafi, can come live in uganda if he decides to flee libya. however, in libya, forces close to moammar gadhafi appear to be retreating from two of the towns they had just recaptured over the weekend. the opposition leaders are asking the international community to give weapons to the rebels so they stand a better chance of the libyan government troops. but there are concerns this morning about who those rebelled troops are. the nato commander testified on capitol hill, latest intelligence reveals
. >>> overnight french air strikes hit the interyour of libya. the u.s. military said the coalition air strikes have destroyed libya's air force. rebel forces are pushing towards the capital city of tripoli. but gadhafi's loyalists show no sign of backing down. >>> the trial of the two men accused of killing clock check journalist chauncey bailey will continue. the admitted gunman will take the stand. he's expected to testify against the two plotting to kill bailey. yesterday a police officer testified. he found two weapons during a 2007 raid on the black muslim bakery. >>> san jose moves a step closer to closing the budget gap. they tentatively agreed to mayor chuck reed's request. seven city unions, including the police are still negotiating. >> if the others don't come, ultimately the council has to decide whether to continue employment. they have a right to go to arbitration. >> if all 11 unions agree to the cuts, the city will save $38 million, but the city manager's office source tells ktvu there will stem be -- still be layoffs. >>> now that san mateo officials know what their budget wil
. this is the first time that u.s. citizens have been killed in the wave of pirate attacks that have plagued not only the gulf of aiden but indian ocean in recent years. >>> big news over seas why the dalai lama is stepping down from one of his rolls. >>> why some are comparing this to the mccarthy witch-hunt for commune nix. >>> what happened overnight. it's considered a huge loss for republican unions. this is being felt all over the country. >>> why your debit card purchase could be declined even if you have the money. >>> a fatal accident in san mateo is finally in the clearing stages. we still have one lane blocked. you can see the backup extends pretty far, all the way to 92, hoping this will be opening momentarily and we'll begin to see traffic pick up again. if you want top use 280 as an alternate for now, we would add vest you to do so. >>> a very controversial hearing will start in washington, d.c. focusing on american muslims and homegrown terrorism. some bay area lawmakers are leading the fight against it. our reporter has more. >> reporter: the first in a series of hearings just got unde
. >>> this morning a vigil at the pacific school of religion in berkeley at 8:30. >>> the u.s. state department has posted a travel alert regarding the disaster in japan. the department is urging u.s. citizens to avoid non-essential travel to japan, saying strong aftershocks are likely for weeks. the alert says citizens currently in japan should contact family to let them know they're safe if internet and phone serves are down. text messaging or social media. and there are still flights in and out of japan scheduled for this morning. we checked with san francisco international airport, and there are three flights scheduled to arrive between 9 and 10 a.m. there are also two departures scheduled between 11 and noon. we were there yesterday as people waited all day for a flight to tokyo following the deadly earthquake. they finally took off after 10 p.m. last night. we continue our coverage of the earthquake and tsunami on our website. to see a slide show and incredible video, and to learn how to help the victims in japan, just visit >>> today is the sixth-month anniversary of a man's death
states to lend a helping hand. yesterday u.s. air force planes delivered much needed supplies to libya's neighbor tunisia. the supplies will be handed out to the tens every thousands of refugees who are leaving libya and going become home to their home countries. but now the red cross is asking the u.s. for even more help. >> if the u.s. government we give us some supplies, airplanes, or boats to bring all the people and mainly people are coming from southern asia. >> so far president obama has only approved the use of u.s. military aircraft to help egyptian refugees return home. >>> grocery prices are up again, what is behind the spike and how some local food agencies are now dealing with it. >> we can't do business two weeks at a time. it's not responsible. and it threatens the progress we've been making. >> and the call for a bipartisanship president obama is making this morning as the federal government approaches a possible shutdown. >>> good morning, san jose. mix of sunshine and clouds there for you. starting out 45 degrees and slight winds. >>> the man accused of trying to assa
. >>> the u.s. senate today is set to vote on emergency short- term legislation that would avoid a government shutdown on friday. it passed in the house. it also includes $4 billion in cuts. it gives the white house and congress an additional two weeks to work out a spending bill to work this out. >>> soaring gas prices are driving some people to fill up illegally. police in south carolina say there have been at least five incidents of people stealing gas. police say someone is drilling holes in people's gas tanks and training out the gas. most people don't realize there's a hole in the tank until their next trip to the gas station. it can cost around $1,000 to repair the damage. >> that's one i have never heard. >> right. >>> we've been -- sal's been telling us about some major traffic problems this morning. >> that's right. the biggest problem, of course, is in marin county on southbound 101. we found out more information about what happened. the load shifted on this truck and caused the trailer to become separated from the cab. now, the tow truck had to get up there. they had to move the l
slips. >>> time now, 7:14. millions of retired, and disabled people in the u.s. will face another year without an increase in social security payment. the government is declaring a slight cost of living adjustment next year, which would be the first increase since 2009. for midwest people, rising medicare premiums will wipe out any in race in social security. by law, people who receive both medicare, and social security, have their medicare premiums deducted each month. >>> the awards program was designed to help pg and e manage gas flow in the winter, following the deadly explosion. the utility says it sent $25 cards to 150,000 customers. >>> a vintage lamborghini is being blamed for a garage fire inside a home in detroit. an explosion occurred. the resulting fire ended up spreading through the entire home. >> the garage is completely destroyed. the first level of the had a home is completely destroyed by fire. the heavy smoke coming from the first level of the house, and obviously from the garage area. >> the fire officials are trying to determine what exactly inside the lamborghini
the embassies are, and all the national offices. sort of like the u.s. equivalent of capitol hill. we have not had a chance to go anywhere outside of tokyo right now. the transportation is very limited. as you can imagine. with everything that's been going on up there. but i've been listening closely. right now, i have the japanese national news on. a short while ago, early this evening, they had japanese officials who came on, who were talking and giving updates of the situation. it's just been really heartbreaking to see some of these pictures. we've been getting in a lot in our studios at ktvu. but they've been coming in. the some of the pictures will be seen shortly as we send them from japan to california. people looking for family members. people who have just seen their houses be swept down by water. people just torn up by what we're seeing. but they're experiencing it right here. it's just, it's very difficult to watch. >> jana, can you dive in a little bit on the mood out there on the streets of tokyo? i know you've only been there a short time, but are things up and running at le
-- why the shooting of u.s. airmen in germany could have been a lot worse. >>> the nfl negotiations are in overtime. why a work stoppage could be good news for one bay area city. >>> can you give up everything high -- give up everything high tech for a whole day? some people are being asked to do that and what it is they should do instead. >>> welcome back. good morning to you. marin, around 39 degrees. a little bit of haze there and a nice light breeze. >>> all right. our time is now 7:14. anti-government protests continue to happen in libya. in fact, they are happening in tripoli right now, one of the areas still controlled by libyan leader, moammar gadhafi. forces loyal to him boosted security last night preparing for today's forecast. this morning, there are reports that more than 1500 people are demonstrating there. the libyan government has cut off internet access in some areas trying to limit the protests. >>> also, we're getting new information right now about that 21-year-old man accused of shooting and killing two american airmen at the frankfurt, germany airport. the inve
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